I am beginning my new journey into the unknown. A woman, educated, over 50 years old, trying unsuccessfully (so far) in the internet business. Experienced by life, with little experience in marketing, anti-technical, but with a dream of freedom.

I decided to make use of the qualities that have made me opponents of fate – stubbornness, tenacity, rising from falls. Finally, after further attempts, at my pace, slowly, I will reach my desired goal – to gain financial independence and freedom of movement. For this, I need that business. And for my family, to set an example for my children that they should never give up, always fight to the end. And for those who I will help in the future, who will follow in my footsteps. For my mother to be able to visit her in Poland and for my husband to help him recover from his depression. And for other women who live in frustration and disappointment because they feel responsible for their loved ones just like me. I have three of them here: a husband and two sons, all on the autistic spectrum. They are intelligent, sensitive, exceptional, and unable to function independently in this complex world.

I called this project `The Last Chance`.

I wish all who read this article to never give up your dreams, to build your strength and reach your goals. You deserve it and you know it deep inside. Bless you.