Do you like to deal with legal matters – to read and especially to write about them??

I am working hard on my new project, this blog, following the training lessons of `Partnership2Success`. I decided not to question anything and just stick to the recommendations since I am completely ignorant of technical matters. I follow a paved path, as I described in the previous article, comparing this training to a mountain hike.

The last few days took me a legal aspect of online business. It did not go without pain, which was predictable. I was unsuccessful in installing WordPress `InstaLegalPages` plugin. Then I had to insert a lot of details about my data in paragraphs of individual pages. Of course, it was not without the help of the `Help desk` although I followed the instructions on the video. I can see how important customer service is in such cases, even necessary and worth using to save the time of discovering my own mistakes, which for a skilful eye can be obvious, while for me everything is new.

The content is designed to meet the legal requirements for the protection of personal data of people visiting my blog and to protect me as well. A blog visitor has the right to know how to use the pages and what they should not do. Hard and boring work, but essential for anyone doing anything online in public. The GDPR regulations are mandatory and I am aware that to run a trustworthy website, I must make it legally sound.

Such setting up, for example, a domain related email box. It took me about an hour to complete the whole path from login to hosting, finding cPanel, then email services and setting a new address. Then, I had to type it into the appropriate place in the GDPR MySite. The legal aspect of the blog (and online business in general) template to appear in Privacy Policy on my blog. You can get lost in these different websites that I have to visit, like in a thicket of bushes growing on both sides of the road (my blog)!

Writing is much easier for me 😊.

I wonder if you ever read the legal pages of the blogs you visit.


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