One thing you’re going to have to master when you work from home is minimizing distractions.

There are a lot of distractions you need to contend with such as household chores, the TV, social media and kids. So, how exactly should you deal with these distractions to ensure you can work more efficiently?  You won`t progress until you detect them.  Sometimes, when I didn`t feel confident with my assignment I used some diversions as an excuse on the sly.  Therefore, you have to be uncompromising in tracking and getting them out of your way to success.

Below, you’ll discover some great tips to help you deal with distractions when working from home.


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Use the distractions as a reward

Distractions don’t have to be a bad thing. They can be used to reward yourself after completing work tasks.

For example, if you love nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV watching your favourite shows, allow yourself the opportunity to watch something after completing a project. I don`t fancy watching TV at all but listening to a piece of energetic music and dancing or even checking social media for a while works as a reward. However, I must be very careful with the last one to not cross the break time so for that, I set up a timer to keep me on a bay. Or even better, being tracked with a Pomodoro application like Focus To-do chosen by me on different devices and here you can check other options of Pomodoro for your desktop or mobile. There is an explanatory video on YouTube about how to start working with this app as a tool to help you focus and also as a tasks manager.

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Similarly, you could use social media in the same way. Once you’ve completed a task off your to-do list, reward yourself with a short period of time on your social media channels. Here is an important warning: don’t start your day by checking Facebook messages from your friends. It may cost you an hour of your most productive time. If you can’t resist, listen to a rather short motivational recording that is stimulating for you. My favourite ones include Bryan Tracy’s Youtube series.

Using distractions as a reward can help to keep you focused and boost your motivation to get your work done.

Consider working in various parts of the home

It’s common to set aside just one place to work from. However, did you know you may find it more productive to work in various areas of the home?

It’s all about adding variety into your new working environment. Some days, the spare room may be the best place to get work done. Other times, you may find it more beneficial to work on the dining room table or in the back yard. I like to sit at the top of the stairs in my house corridor when doing creative work as it brings me a new perspective when looking down from the top.

Don’t limit yourself to where you can work, mix it up and watch your productivity levels increase.


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Add a little background music

This tip might not be useful to everyone, but many professionals claim to work with background music can limit their distractions. You’ll want to focus on calming music, rather than something that makes you want to sing along. I have a whole playlist with meditation/relaxing/ethnic music on Youtube and Spotify to use when working on my laptop.

Alternatively, listening to podcasts and audiobooks in the background can also work well. But only when you perform tasks not involving cognitive processing like manual work.  So, if you struggle with productivity, try adding a little background noise and see if that helps.

Reside to check emails sparingly

Checking emails is important when you work from home. However, it can also take up a lot of time. So, you’ll want to limit how many times you check them during the day. Primarily, turn off notification on your desktop and mobile phone to avoid being constantly distracted and tempted by new messages. Dedicate specific time to check your inbox, ideally, do it first thing in the morning, then after you’ve completed each task you’re working on. Do not use your highest energy time to fill it with handling your emails. Categorize quickly each email to a proper folder (label) you set up. According to Mind Tools tips, you should decide quickly if you are able to manage an email within 2 minutes and to do so instantly. If not add it to your to-do list for a later reference.

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emails, productivity, time manafment

Turn off notifications

Finally, a great tip is to turn off those notifications. Social media, news and app notifications can all prove really distracting when you’re working from home. So, turn them off until after work to boost productivity. Put your phone on silent mode and disable social media notification to resist the temptation of constantly checking them out.

It’s not always easy limiting distractions when you work from home. However, the above are some of the most effective tips you can follow to deal with the distractions that may crop up.


What distracts you the most when you try to focus on your work?



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